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IELTS Writing Task 2 Question and Model Answer (Climate)

IELTS Writing Task 2 Question and Model Answer (Climate)

A Task 2 question and model answer is provided below. 10 words in the answer are underlined. Can you think of another word that you could use instead for each of those words?

Check your ideas with the list of words that follow.

Task 2 Question:

The issue of climate change is exaggerated and not as urgent as it is portrayed. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Model Answer:

The debate surrounding global warming and its impact on the world and our lives is a divisive issue. While some individuals assert that the severity of this issue is overstated, I staunchly oppose that view and believe that the need to address this global challenge cannot be ignored.

Firstly, scientific consensus overwhelmingly supports the reality of climate change and its potentially catastrophic consequences. Reports from various credible sources provide concrete evidence of rising global temperatures, melting polar ice caps, and extreme weather events. Denying the urgency of climate change contradicts the wealth of empirical data and expert analysis.

Moreover, the impacts of climate change are already being felt across the globe. Communities are experiencing more frequent and severe weather events. These occurrences not only endanger human lives but also disrupt ecosystems, threaten food security, and exacerbate poverty. Failure to acknowledge the urgency of climate action undermines efforts to mitigate these devastating effects.

Delaying action on climate change will only impair our ability to find solutions to the challenges we face. The longer we wait to implement sustainable practices and transition to renewable energy sources, the more difficult and costly it will be to mitigate climate-related risks. Procrastination only increases the likelihood of irreversible damage to the planet and future generations.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that the urgency of climate change is not exaggerated but is, in fact, underscored by scientific evidence and real-world impacts. Denying or downplaying its urgency only hinders global efforts to mitigate its effects. It is imperative that we acknowledge the severity of the situation and take decisive action to combat climate change before it is too late.


While you may of course have thought of alternative synonyms for the words selected here are some suggested options.

  1. debate/discussion
  2. staunchly/resolutely
  3. catastrophic/calamitous
  4. credible/trustworthy
  5. contradicts/gainsays
  6. disrupt/unsettle
  7. undermines/weakens
  8. sustainable/maintainable
  9. mitigate/reduce
  10. imperative/vital

Remember when writing an IELTS essay it is important to try to use different words to those given in the question, especially at the beginning of your essay, and to try to use varied vocabulary throughout.

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