Unlock your full potential with our personalised one-on-one sessions tailored to your IELTS needs. As a member, you get three x 20 minute one to one private sessions with your support tutor. Whether you’re seeking guidance on speaking fluency, writing analysis, or any other aspect of the IELTS exam, our experienced tutors, all former or current IELTS examiners, are here to support you. Sessions are conducted via Skype or WhatsApp, providing convenient access to expert assistance wherever you are. Take the next step in your IELTS journey and book your session today.

Here are just some of the ways students have used their three 20 minute sessions:

  • Looking line by line at your writing, talking about how to improve and how to increase your score
  • Conducting mock speaking assessments with direct feedback
  • Talking about how to improve your reading and listening skills
  • What to expect on test day and how best to prepare
  • How to remember and use a wider range of vocabulary