Hello All, I have found this site to be very useful. The material is very structured and allowed me to align with my strategy for preparation

Kiran Kumar

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​for those who are going to English speaking countries ​to migrate​

for people applying for higher education or professional registration in an English speaking environment


​As well as live speaking assessments and writing assessment in the MASTER mem​bership


​15 complete practice tests for each skill

​​Our online IELTS preparation course includes 15 complete practice tests - 15 reading tests and 15 listening tests (both with instant band score converter), 15 writing tests and 15 speaking tests with model answers AND free live assessments with enrolments over 30 days!


​Learning videos, practice exercises and techniques

​Individual lessons covering EVERY question type used in the IELTS test, with techniques on how to locate the correct answer, improve your reading speed and increase your accuracy


Learning videos, practice exercises and techniques

From getting ideas and planning your answer right through to paragraphing, writing a conclusion and proofreading, ​our online IELTS preparation course covers EVERYTHING you need to know about the IELTS writing test


​Over 20 hours of listening practice exercises and tests

​As with the reading lessons, the listening lessons cover EVERY question type used in the IELTS test, and also focus on essential skills like understanding signpost words and how IELTS will lay traps for unsuspecting candidates


​​Includes live 1:1 speaking assessments with your tutor!

​The speaking lessons in the course explain exactly what the examiner is looking for during the speaking test, and will help you develop and expand your points to make sure you can give an accurate and extended answer


​​Vocabulary lists and exercises based on IELTS topics

​​Understanding and using a wide range of high-level vocabulary is essential for getting a good result in the IELTS test. That's why our course has complete vocabulary sections organised into IELTS themes like transport, law and order, education and healthcare


​25% of your score is based purely on your grammar!

​​Grammatical accuracy is important in IELTS, but the most important factor is ​range - that is, can you demonstrate a wide variety of formal grammar​? ​These sections of the course cover participle ​& relative clauses, conditional statements, the subjunctive and more - in an IELTS focused context


​​Lessons on other important skills to help you improve!

​​Getting Band 7.0 or ​higher in the IELTS test requires more than accurate sentences and good listening and reading skills - you also need to consider a lot of other factors, such as the ​importance of intonation, how to use a range of punctuation, how to link your ideas​, ​paraphras​ing and more. All of this is covered in the online course!

​The ONLY​ online IELTS preparation course run by former IELTS examiners ​​since 2006!

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*Writing and speaking assessment are included in the MASTER Membership option

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