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We feel that IELTStestONLINE is the most comprehensive online IELTS preparation course available on the internet today. With over 80 individual lessons and more than 350 presentation videos, we will show you EVERY STEP you need to take to achieve IELTS success. Membership also includes our 800+ page eBook, so you can study online and offline!

Complete practice tests, interactive lessons, consolidation exercises, your own personal support tutor and writing & speaking assessment (with the Diamond Plan) – everything you need to reach your IELTS goals.

10 day membership
Ideal for upcoming tests
10 days unlimited access
Academic, General & Core Skills courses
350+ presentation videos
80+ interactive lessons
Personal email support tutor
24 hour refund guarantee
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30 day membership
Ideal for achieving
Band 7.0+
30 days unlimited access
Academic, General & Core Skills courses
350+ presentation videos
80+ interactive lessons
Personal email support tutor
24 hour refund guarantee
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90 day membership
Perfect for extended study
90 days unlimited access
Academic, General & Core Skills courses
350+ presentation videos
80+ interactive lessons
Personal email support tutor
24 hour refund guarantee
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90 day membership
Writing & speaking assessment!
90 days unlimited access
Academic, General & Core Skills courses
350+ presentation videos
80+ interactive lessons
Personal email support tutor
2 x additional services (2 writing or 2 speaking or 1 of each!)
24 hour refund guarantee
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800+ page eBook included with EVERY membership!

ielts-ebooksUltimate IELTS eBook – 7 eBooks in 1 to download and keep with over 800 pages in 7 sections (reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary and 7 complete practice tests). Up to date IELTS resources updated weekly!

Also includes downloadable audio files, so you can practice wherever you are. Practice tests, model answers for the speaking test and much more. Included in EVERY membership!

Clear progression through the course

Track your progress as you studyOur online IELTS course has a clear progression from beginning to end, meaning that you can study in the most logical order using our suggested course plan. Keep an eye on what lessons you have covered and what you still have left to do using our unique progress indicator system, which will automatically update when you complete a lesson, module or unit. You can also use the inbuilt gradebook to see your scores for the practice tests and end of lesson tests, see your overall percentage and much more as you work through our IELTS course.

Academic Module and General Training Module included

Separate course for the Academic and General Training Module both includedMembers have access to both the Academic Module IELTS preparation course AND the General Training IELTS preparation course. Both courses are separated, so you can prepare for the IELTS test you need without studying lessons that you don’t need. Both courses cover everything you need to know about the IELTS test, focusing on the specific parts of each test that you will need to get the best result. Not sure whether you need the Academic Module or the General Training? No problem – just send us a message when you have enrolled and we’ll advise you!

Our unique 3-Step system delivers proven results

Our unique 3Step system delivers proven resultsWith over 20 years IELTS training experience, our team have developed our unique 3-Step system to ensure you are learning effectively and efficiently and get the best IELTS preparation online.

STEP 1: Pre-lesson vocabulary. Essential vocabulary that is used in the lesson is presented – just one click will show the definition and an example sentence, making sure that you’ll be ready to get the most out of the lesson

STEP 2: Complete interactive lessons. In this step, you will see instructional videos covering the best approach to every part of the IELTS test, from how to handle each question type to the best strategies to use on test day. All lessons are supported with video presentations, practice exercises and full feedback, and will help you build all the skills you need to get the IELTS result you’re aiming for.

STEP 3: End of lesson tests. Once you have worked through the pre-lesson vocabulary in Step 1 and the interactive lesson in Step 2, you can then move on the Step 3, where you will take a practice test or exercises focussed specifically on the topic you have just covered. This is essential to help you consolidate your skills and practice using them in an IELTS environment.

Our 3-Step program has helped IELTS candidates identify errors they have previously made and to improve their skills in all areas, and provides a logical and clear way of learning to reach the IELTS grade you need in the quickest possible time.

Support and advice as you study

Support and advice from your personal email support tutor as you studyStudying online doesn’t mean studying alone! You have our complete team at fingertips, and will be assigned a dedicated email support tutor when you enrol. You can contact your tutor with any problems or difficulties you may be having by using the course message service.

Our team has over 20 years IELTS training and coaching experience, so we can provide solid answers to your questions and clear up any doubts you may have about our course or IELTS in general.

Over 350 video presentations to help you learn

Over 350 videos and over 80 lessonsOur online IELTS preparation course has interactive lessons with video presentations, audio recordings and written narration that not only help you with the lesson, but will also improve your listening skills!

Covering everything from the best way to answer a True / False / Not given style question to writing a good conclusion to Task 2 writing, the videos and lessons will show you everything you need to know in clear stages.

Complete IELTS practice tests

Complete IELTS practice tests with IELTS band score / model answersAs well as the full practice exercises in the lessons and end of lesson tests, the online IELTS preparation course also includes complete practice tests with extensive feedback and estimated band score (for the reading and listening) and model answers.

With 60 practice tests (15 complete practice tests for reading, 15 complete practice tests for writing, 15 complete practice tests for speaking and 15 practice tests for listening) , you will have the opportunity to practice your IELTS skills and see your improvement. The practice tests are scheduled as part of the suggested course plan, but can be taken at any time, making them ideal for your IELTS preparation.

The practice tests can also be printed out so you can take them offline, giving you the flexibility to practice in the way that suits you best.

Free Core Skills course included!

Free Core Skills course included!In the years that we have been preparing candidates for IELTS, we have found that focusing purely on IELTS resources when preparing does not always bring the best result – it is also essential to make sure that your general level of English is good, and that’s why we developed the Core Skills course, free with all memberships.

The Core Skills course covers aspects like grammar, punctuation, academic writing, linking words, vocabulary, tenses, articles and much more.

Here are just some of the features of our online IELTS preparation course:

  • Complete online learning system covering ALL aspects of IELTS, with instructional videos, interactive exercises and practice tests for the Academic Module AND the General Training IELTS
  • 60 practice tests – that’s like sitting the IELTS test 15 times! (15 Academic Reading tests, 15 General Reading tests, 15 listening tests, 15 speaking tests, 15 Academic Writing test and 15 General Training Reading tests).
  • Our unique ‘3-step’ system makes sure you are learning in a logical sequence, with pre-lesson vocabulary before you start each interactive lesson, a summary of the lesson and an end-of-lesson test all to make sure you’re studying efficiently
  • Online IELTS preparation with a proven record of success with students from all over the world since 2006 – we have helped thousands of IELTS candidates achieve their goals!
  • Over 60 model and sample answers for the writing test, ranging from Band 5.0 to Band 9.0 (the top score)
  • The ONLY course on the internet written by published IELTS authors (the IELTS High Impact series, published by Pearson Education and available worldwide)
  • Support and guidance from our dedicated team of IELTS professionals – all native English speakers with a minimum of 10 years IELTS coaching experience – our team has taught all over the world from the UK, Poland, Spain, Finland, Japan and New Zealand
  • Instant feedback and band score conversions for the IELTS reading and listening practice tests, and full model answers for the writing and speaking tests
  • No limits on the number of times you can take the lessons or practice tests during your membership period
  • Access to our unique Core skills section, covering IELTS sub-skills like grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, formal writing, register, tenses and more
  • 24 hour money back guarantee – if for some reason you are not satisfied with our course, we’ll refund your fees


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“Very good practice of IELTS academic vocabulary. There are so many words all in example sentences, which makes it easy to learn for your own essays.” – Whae Y

“I finally got the IELTS score I need (7.0) after studying with IELTStestONLINE. The course has helped me so much – thank you! I can now follow my plan of becoming a nurse in New Zealand.” – Mette F

“Just wanted to let you know that I have taken my IELTS exam. I have obtained a band score of 7.5. Thank you very much for your help online and the practise tests. They were very helpful in my preparation for the tests.” – J. Victor

“You and your IELTS course helped me to tackle a lot of those weak points in the test I had before. Thanks a lot, for all those IELTS strategies, techniques and detailed step by step procedures you outlined in your course. I used to work on other websites before but none of them were as helpful as yours.” – Mansur B