posted on June 16, 2020

Different types of jobs in English

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Different types of jobs in English. On this page, we will look at different types of jobs. How many of these jobs you know?

  • Health: Doctor, nurse, dentist (teeth), veterinarian [also called vet] (animal doctor)
  • Shopping: salesperson, sales assistant, shopkeeper
  • People in a type of shop: baker, butcher (meat), greengrocer (fruit and vegetables), florist (flowers), hairdresser/barber
  • Schools: teacher, instructor, tutor, student, principal (the main person), coach (normally for sports)
  • Science: chemist, biologist, scientist, historian (studies history), archaeologist (studies the past), economist
  • Artistic: artist, painter, musician, actor, guitarist, director, writer
  • Food and drink: chef, cook, bartender, waiter/waitress/wait staff, dishwasher,
  • Building: builder, construction worker, engineer, carpenter (works with wood), plumber (works with pipes), electrician (works with electricity)
  • Travel: pilot, air steward, mechanic, taxi driver, truck driver, sailor, bus driver
  • Emergency: police officer, firefighter, paramedic, soldier
  • Outside jobs: farmer, window cleaner, postman


In conversations in English, you might have to talk about your job. Here are some ways people ask about jobs:

  • What job do you do?
  • What do you for work?
  • What’s your occupation?

When you answer, it is a good idea to give more than just a single sentence. Here are some examples with different types of jobs in English:

What job do you do?

  • I’m a chef. I work in a restaurant in the city.
  • I’m a teacher. I teach children from age 5 to 12.
  • I’m a nurse. I work in the hospital on Smith Street.


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