The 6 types of collocation in English

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The 6 types of collocation in English

The 6 types of collocation in English. We have already looked at some of the more common collocations in English in Level B1 and A2, and in this lesson we will look at some more collocations divided into 6 different groups.

So what is a collocation in English?

Before we continue, let’s just briefly review what a collocation is – simply put, a collocation is a natural combination of words that are commonly used together. For example, you might take – ‘quick shower‘ after you ‘make the bed‘ but before you ‘do your homework‘. Some collocations are fixed in that they always use the same combination of words; other collocations might have a few different choices (for example, stick to the rules / keep to the rules).

The 6 collocation groups are: adjectives and nouns, nouns and verbs, nouns and nouns, verbs and expression with prepositions, verbs and adverbs, adverbs and adjectives.

Unfortunately there are thousands of English collocations, and if you are planning on improving your English, you need to know as many as you can! If you are keeping a vocabulary notebook (which we recommend!), then writing down new words common collocations is a great way to improve your skills.