Core Skills for IELTS

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As well as the Ultimate IELTS eBook and the Essential IELTS vocabulary course, ALL members get access to the Core Skills course, which covers essential language skills that you will need in order to get a good IELTS result.


The course covers all tenses used in English with explanations, examples and practice exercises. Are you confident about when to use the past perfect simple or the present perfect continuous? Can you tell the different between the future with WILL and the future with GOING TO? You’ll definitely be able to once you have completed this course!


The Core Skills course is divided into different levels, ranging from Level A1 (Beginner) to Level C2 (Advanced). From prepositions and word order through to using the subjunctive and advanced rules for using articles, this course will help you improve your accuracy in writing and speaking, and make it much easier to follow the reading and listening tests. The course also includes a 60 question grammar test which will tell you your current grammar level from beginner to advanced, and will also tell you what structures you need to work on to improve. You can take the test mutiple times from the random question bank, meaning you won’t take the same test twice!


Do you know what a comma splice is? Do you know when and how to use a semi-colon? If not, then you’ll need to make sure you improve your punctuation. This is essential for a good result in the writing test – good punctuation can often mean the difference between getting the result you need and having to resit the complete test!

Linking words

Being able to organise your ideas using logical linking words accounts for 25% of your score in the writing test (‘Cohesion and Coherence’). There are 7 different kinds of linking, ranging from addition to contrast, time and sequence and more. The Core Skills will show you the specific grammar rules for using each linking word, as well as practice exercises to make sure you absorb what you have learned.

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The Core Skills is constantly updated and developed, with new resources, practice exercises and lessons added.


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