posted on December 17, 2020

Video: The marking criteria

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The examiner is looking for your Task 1 letter to demonstrate 4 different aspects in order to get a good result: task achievement, cohesion and coherence, lexical resource, and grammatical range and accuracy

First is task achievement, which looks at whether you have followed the instructions and answered the question. The examiner will check that you have written at least 150 words and that you have included information related to all of the bullet points in the question.

The second area the examiner will be looking at is whether what you have written actually makes sense. This means that when you plan and write your letter, you must have a logical presentation with ideas that are linked together in a style that is clear and appropriate

For lexical resource, you are being judged on whether the vocabulary you use is accurate and appropriate. You should avoid repeating vocabulary from the task if possible, and you should use language that suits the situation – informal language for an informal letter to a friend, for example.

The final area you are being marked on is your grammar – again, you should use an appropriate range of grammar and avoid repeating grammar structures. In this course, you will have plenty of practice in order to improve your skills in all of these areas.


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