posted on April 21, 2021

Talking about diet

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‘Diet’ refers to the food you eat, and can also mean an attempt to reduce your weight by eating fewer calories a day.


  • a balanced diet (a diet consisting of a variety of different types of food that have enough of the nutrients necessary for good health).
  • to go on a diet / be on a diet (to eat fewer calories a day in order to lose weight)

Types of food:

  • junk food (food with low nutritional value, often not good for you)
  • fast food (food served quickly after ordering – not necessarily junk food)
  • ready meals (meals that are prepared and often only need to be microwaved or placed in the oven)
  • snack food (small amounts of food eaten either between meals or as a replacement for a meal, e.g. nuts or fruit)
  • GM food / genetically modified food (food which has been scientifically modified)

Attitudes to food:

  • vegan (a person who does not eat meat or dairy products like milk or eggs)
  • vegetarian (a person who does not eat meat – can also include people who also do not eat fish)
  • pescatarian (a person who eats fish but does not eat meat)

Medical impact of a poor diet:

  • obesity (being overweight)
  • morbid obesity (overweight to the point that it is likely to cause premature death)
  • high blood pressure (a condition often caused by excess salt in food)
  • malnutrition (either not enough food, or not enough of the right things)


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