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SPEED Membership
$45 $36 USD

Includes full course access, 800+ page eBook and audio files to download and keep!

  • 90 days access to the Academic Module course or the General Training course
  • 15 complete IELTS practice tests with band score estimator / model answers
  • Over 100 lessons in 10 Units covering ALL aspects of IELTS
  • Over 400 training videos with full narration
  • 7 eBooks (over 800 pages!) and audio files to download & keep
  • Your own dedicated email support tutor
  • Our 24 hour refund guarantee!

Jemi Elza Jacob

"This is a wonderful online platform"

This is a wonderful online platform for those who are preparing for IELTS ... the SPEED membership program is adequately structured so that anyone can get a quick understanding of the various sessions of IELTS test. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to prepare for the test.

SPEED Membership in detail

The course

You will have access to the Academic Module course or the General Training course, which includes our extensive Core Skills resources and the essential IELTS vocabulary lessons. The course has been designed so that you only study exactly what you need, and there are progress indicators which will help you work through the lessons and resources in the most logical order.

The lessons

SPEED Membership allows for 90 days access to the complete online course, with lessons on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each lesson begins with some essential with pre-lesson vocabulary and includes video presentations, exercises and end of lesson tests. All of our resources are built around our '3Step' learning system to help you improve your result. There are over 400 training videos with full narration in the lessons, as well as complete end of lesson tests to make sure you have understood each lesson.

The practice tests

SPEED Membership includes 15 complete practice tests (that’s 15 reading tests, 15 writing tests, 15 speaking tests and 15 listening tests). The reading and listening tests are automatically graded once you submit your answers and an estimated band score is given. Model answers are given for all the speaking practice tests and writing tests, and once you have become a member, you can also purchase  live speaking assessments and writing assessments.

The Core Skills resources

Improving your IELTS result takes more than just practice tests - you need to make sure that your overall level of general English is good. Are you able to accurately use a range of grammar? Are you clear on the difference between a colon and a semi colon? Can you use a range of linking words? The SPEED Membership includes our Core Skills resources to help improve your formal writing skills (punctuation, linking words etc), grammar, tenses and much more.

Essential IELTS Vocabulary

SPEED Membership lessons focused on improving your IELTS vocabulary, divided into clear sections ranging from vocabulary for a city environment through to health and crime - all supported with examples and exercises to make sure you learn.

SPEED Membership also 7 eBooks to download and keep!

The 7 eBooks can help you study offline, and cover listening, reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and practice tests! There are audio files to download as well for the listening eBook and the practice listening tests.