I started using course materials on IELTStestonline a few weeks ago, it’s been an exciting experience and quite a fun way to learn!. I will strongly recommend these online resources… “Quite a fun way to learn!”

Adeniyi Raifu

​Special offer! 2 for 1 memberships!

​We have a a new special offer running at the moment where you ​get TWO memberships for the price of one!

When you enrol in either the SPEED Membership or MASTER Membership, you will receive an email with an access code for a second person to enrol. All you need to do is give the access code to the person you want to have it, then they can create their own account ABSOLUTELY FREE!

​That way, you can both have your own accounts and get studying but only pay for one!

Some quick FAQS:

If I enrol in the MASTER Membership, will the second free account ​also have writing and speaking assessment​?

  • Yes - it will have ALL the same features as ​any MASTER Membership

​Does the user of the second code have to enrol at the same time as me?

  • ​No - ​once you have created your account and become a full member, you will receive an email with an access code. The second user then creates their own account and uses this code to bypass the payment page. The code will remain ​ready for activation for 30 days from the time it is issued.

​I want the General Training Module but the second user wants the Academic Module. Is that OK?

  • Yes - ​the second user can choose either the Academic or General Training version.

​Does the second user share the same login details as me?

  • ​No - ​they are completely separate accounts with their own login details.

Any other questions? Send us a message here!

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