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Offer our complete course with your branding on your domain name

IELTS preparation partnerships

Are you a school, tertiary institution or immigration company that's looking to offer IELTS resources to your clients? Our subdomain option is the perfect fit, and cheaper than you think!

How do the IELTS preparation partnerships work?

IELTS preparation partnerships

We host a copy of the complete course on a subdomain of your main site. For example, if your site is '', we can host a copy of the site on '' or '' (or any other variation that suits you). You will then be able to customise the course to match your existing website, you can sell memberships using your own payment systems and much more. We will still support your students, answering questions and helping them work through the course. There is a single monthly cost for the subdomain which allows you to enrol up to 200 users - and the cost is less than you think! We also offer a 25% commission for any referral that leads to a new partner signing up for the subdomain option.

So can I enrol my clients directly into my subdomain?

Absolutely! You will have admin access to your membership system, so you can create user accounts, create access codes so your users can create their own accounts or bulk-upload users and enrol them in to courses.

What will my users be able to access?

That's your choice. Your users can access the Academic Module course, the General Training course, the General English course and the Vocabulary for IELTS course, but if you want to limit what they can access (and for how long) then that's no problem - we will work with you to make sure your users get access to exactly what you want them to have.

Who will support my students while they study?

We will. Each user on your subdomain will be able to contact their support tutor for advice and suggestions if they are having problems and need answers.

Can I customise the look of my subdomain?

Yes - you can send us your logo and the colours you want to use. We can even change the font to match your existing site if required!

I'm interested! What's the next step to find out pricing etc?

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to send us a message. NOTE: We request that you use a domain based email address (not a GMail account, for example).