​Free IELTS speaking assessments

2 live speaking assessments (one to one with your support tutor) are included FREE in the MASTER membership

Improving your speaking skills for IELTS can be difficult without the right support. Make sure you are ready by taking live (not recorded like other IELTS preparation websites) speaking assessments with your support tutor (via Skype or Whatsapp).

How does the speaking assessment work?

With the MASTER Membership, you can book your speaking assessment with your tutor. On the agreed date and time (the speaking assessments are available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week), you will complete a mock speaking test with your tutor. This takes about 15 minutes. After the assessment, you are then given a feedback session (normally about 20 minutes), where your tutor will talk to you about your strengths and weaknesses, your approximate level and what you should do to further improve.

In the 15 years we have been conducting IELTS speaking assessments, we have been able to improve candidates' scores by up to 1.5 bands, with many students improving from Band 6.0 to Band 7.5 or more. Knowing where you are making mistakes and having a clear path to improve makes the speaking test much easier!

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