Essential IELTS Vocabulary

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As well as the Ultimate IELTS eBook and the Core Skills for IELTS course, ALL members get access to the Essential IELTS vocab course – the best way to improve your IELTS vocabulary!

In all 4 parts of the IELTS test (reading, writing, listening and speaking), a good understanding of vocabulary is essential. That’s why we have the Essential IELTS Vocabulary course (included for free in all memberships). The vocabulary course is split into sections focusing on different themes – the city, crime and punishment, transport etc.

There are also vocabulary lists split into 10 levels of difficulty, so you can start at Level 1 and as you take the practice tests you can work up to Level 10, with the more advanced vocabulary.

Not sure about your spelling? No problem – take the practice exercises (listen to a word and then type the correct spelling) to improve your skills with ease. There are also lessons and resources on how to remember new vocabulary, how to spell more accurately and much more.

Remember that in the IELTS test, vocabulary is 25% of your score for both writing AND speaking. Using more advanced language in your test will make the difference between getting the result you need and having to sit the test again! New lessons, exercises and practice resources are added regularly based on current IELTS trends.


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