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Your vocabulary is 25% of your total score for both the writing and speaking test, so understanding and being able to use a high level of vocabulary is essential for the IELTS reading and listening test. A good range of vocabulary is essential, which is why we have developed this course specifically to focus on your vocabulary.

To improve your vocabulary, there are some important skills you need to keep in mind. Make notes of new vocabulary, ideally by handwriting new words into a notebook. The act of handwriting will help you remember the new word, and will also improve your spelling skills. Whenever you have an opportunity, review the words in your notebook. When you are confident that you know the words, cross it out and add a new word to replace it. Aim for no more than 10 new words at a time!

Another useful tip is to make sure that you write example sentences that are true for your life. If you’ve enrolled in any of our paid IELTS courses, you can always check with your support tutor to make sure the sentence you have written is accurate!

Before you begin, have you tested your current vocabulary level? If so, let’s get started! Click the first link below to start.

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