General English course Level C2. In this course, we will look at fine-tuning your English, as well as looking at some more idiomatic expressions and sentence constructions. By the time you have completed Level C2, you should have no problem in ANY English language situation. However, we strongly recommend you complete the lessons in Level B2 before you begin here – or at least make sure to check your CEFR level first!

We will also review all forms of English tenses, as well as looking at some of the more complex English grammar (like the subjunctive). We also have high-level reading texts and exercises so that you further develop your English skills (make sure you also review the vocabulary section of the site!).

CEFR Level C2 is the highest level of English possible. Once you have mastered this level of English, you are at (or above!) the level of native English speakers. We are constantly developing new resources for all of our CEFR levels, so make sure to check back often.

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