Some examples of describing places in EnglishHere are some examples of describing places in English. See if you know which country each place is in!

Wellington: I live in Wellington, which is the capital city. It’s well known for it’s exhibitions and art galleries, and a popular tourist attraction is the museum. The city is on the coast, so it can be a little windy at times, but there are some great beaches to visit. It’s quite a lively place, especially at night as there lots of bars and nightclubs. There are some stunning views from the hills, where you can look down over the city and across to the sea.

Do you know which country Wellington is in? The answer is at the bottom of the page.


Hanoi: Hanoi is a bustling city, full of vibrant activities. There are street markets and little cafes where you can eat, and it’s popular with tourists from all over the world because there is a lot of history. It’s in the north of the country beside the Red River, so there are also a lot of boating activities. The famous mausoleum* for Ho Chi Minh is located in the city centre.

*a mausoleum is a building used to store the remains of people who have died.

Do you know which country Hanoi is in? The answer is at the bottom of the page.

Willow Springs: I recently visited a friend in a small town called Willow Springs. It’s such a boring place! There’s nothing to do there and the whole town is pretty rundown. The only interesting part was going to the Grand Canyon, which is just to the west of the town. There’s only a small residential area in Willow Springs, and the only thing you can do is wander through the town and back. There’s one restaurant – I think they call them ‘diners’ over there –  which is always overcrowded because it’s the only place that’s open after 6pm.

Do you know which country Willow Springs is in? The answer is at the bottom of the page.

So what country are these places in? Here are the answers:

  • Wellington is in New Zealand
  • Hanoi is in Vietnam
  • Willow Springs is in the USA

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