C1 Synonyms

(a) Look at the words below (1-10) and match them to a synonym (a-j).

1. Abnormal (adj) – not normal
2. Accelerate (verb) – speed up
3. Acknowledge (verb) – declare to be true or admit the existence or reality of
4. Aid (noun) – a kind of help provided to fulfill a need
5. Alarmed (adj) – having a feeling a sudden sense of danger
6. Alarming (adj) – something/someone being frightening or feeling dangerous
7. Anticipate (verb) – view something as probable or likely
8. Appoint (verb) – assign a duty, responsibility, or obligation to
9. Authentic (adj) – not a copy, origin undisputed
10. Authorise (verb) – give permission

a. Foresee

b. Assistance

c. Disturbing

d. Genuine

e. Unusual

f. Entitle

g. Recognise

h. Unnerved

i. Expedite

j. Select


1. Abnormal / e. Unusual
2. Accelerate / i. Expedite
3. Acknowledge / g. Recognise
4. Aid / b. Assistance
5. Alarmed / h. Unnerved
6. Alarming / c. Disturbing
7. Anticipate / a. Foresee
8. Appoint / j. Select
9. Authentic / d. Genuine
10. Authorise / f. Entitle


(b) Complete the sentences that follow with a word from the options given using the correct tense.

Foresee / Assistance / Disturbing / Genuine / Unusual / Entitle / Recognise / Unnerved / Expedite / Select


1. The university professor’s long service was _____________ with an award at the ceremony.

2. Seasoned investors ____________ the product’s potential and invested early on.

3. Many viewers found the violent scenes in the movie extremely ______________

4. Employees at the company are ______________ to redundancy pay.

5. The government is providing emergency ______________ to households affected by storm damage.

6. The successful candidate for the role was ________________ based on her extensive work experience in the field.

7. The mountaineer was exhausted and ________________ after spending the night in extreme weather conditions.

8. The artwork is being sold with a certificate to confirm it is ______________.

9. The government has promised to _______________ economic reform.

10. It is ________________ for the Pōhutukawa Tree to bloom so early.


1. recognised
2. foresaw
3. disturbing
4. entitled
5. assistance
6. selected
7. unnerved
8. genuine
9. expedite
10. unusual

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