C1 Antonyms

Match a word (1-10) with its antonym (opposite meaning) (a-j).

1. Abnormal (adj)
2. Expedite (v)
3. Acknowledge (v)
4. Assistance (n)
5. Alarmed (adj)
6. Disturbing (adj)
7. Foresee (v)
8. Select (v)
9. Authentic (adj)
10. Authorise (v)

a. Fake
b. Comforting
c. Ignore
d. Common
e. Hindrance
f. Overlook
g. Calm
h. Reject
i. Delay
j. Deny


1. Abnormal / d. Common
2. Expedite / i. Delay
3. Acknowledge / j. Deny
4. Assistance / e. Hindrance
5. Alarmed / g. Calm
6. Disturbing / b. Comforting
7. Foresee / f. Overlook
8. Select / h. Reject
9. Authentic / a. Fake
10. Authorise / j. Deny

Complete the sentences that follow with one of the words given below using the correct tense.

Fake / Comforting / Ignore / Common / Hindrance / Overlook / Calm / Reject / Delay / Deny

1. It is ________________ to feel extremely nervous before the IELTS exam.

2. It is __________________ to know that many people feel the same way.

3. Nerves can be a __________________ to performance.

4. Try to stay __________________ as you work through the tasks at hand.

5. Do not __________________ the importance of preparing well for examination day.

6. With practice, you will be able to quickly _____________ any incorrect answer options in the reading test.

7. It is good practice to think and speak in English as much as possible in the lead up to entering the exam room. Try to ___________________ any conversations being held in the waiting room that are not in English.

8. I have decided to ______________ my IELTS test as work commitments are too time consuming for me to study at the moment.

9. I asked my boss for some holiday leave, but he ___________________ my application as work is so busy at the moment.

10. While scammers sell ___________________ IELTS certificates, they are worthless as employers/universities/government agencies can use a certificate ID number to check if it is real or not through the IELTS website.


1. Common
2. Comforting
3. Hindrance
4. Calm
5. Overlook
6. Reject
7. Ignore
8. Delay
9. Denied
10. Fake

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C1 Antonyms for IELTS

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