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Reseller/Bulk/White label

Are you running an educational institution or immigration service?  Or would you like to be a reseller for our courses and set your own prices?

You can now buy access codes in bulk to use or to sell, with discounts of up to 70%

Bulk enrolment

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About the access codes

Access codes are sold in batches of 10, 20 or 50 codes. The codes will remain ready for activation for 6 months from the date of purchase, and you can monitor which codes have been activated and by whom from your administration panel. With huge discounts compared to our single-sale prices, you can use the access codes to add a great addition to your service or institution, or generate some revenue by selling them yourself.

NEW! Customise your portal with your own logo and branding!

In addition to offering access codes to your clients, you can now also customise your portal so when your codes are activated, the student will see your company name, logo and branding, while still being supported by our comprehensive support and regular site updates. Customisation is a one-off fee.

For institutions:

Monitor your students’ progress

You can use some of your access codes to nominate ‘teachers’ who will be able to oversee the progress of your enrolled members and get keep track of their level of completion and online activity.

Great marketing tool!

The customise course option is also a great marketing tool for your agents enrolling students into courses with IELTS requirements, or simply to hand out during Expos are after presenting your institution to potential students. With the customisation option, you can ensure they see your company colours and logo every time they study, building brand recognition and familiarity.

For resellers:

You set the price!

Sell access codes for a price that YOU choose (although this must be no higher than the prices we charge for individual enrolments). With discounts of up to 75%, this can be a great way to generate revenue!

Sell online with ease

You can automate online sales using a very simply online option like SoftSeller ( or eJunkie (


Find out more!

To find out more, just fill in this registration form and we will get back to you once approved.

Important notes:

  • When registering to purchase bulk access codes, you will need to use a domain based email address. That is … We cannot accept applications from GMail, Hotmail or other generic email accounts. This is in order to keep our access code pricing more confidential (which is also why you need to be approved before you can view pricing etc).
  • ‘Teacher’ logins must be requested via the same email used to purchase the access codes (that prevents students from being upgraded to teachers!).
  • All access codes are valid for 180 days from the date of issue; no refunds are given on unused codes.


The White Label course…

  • can be embedded into your current website with only a few lines of code
  • does not reference IELTStestONLINE at all
  • is tailored to suit your company colours and has your company logo on every page

We will still provide support to your student by answering questions, developing new resources and ensuring the site is maintained and updated.

You will be able to either sell access to the course or use it as a ‘value-added’ addition to the services you provide to your clients.

What’s the different between the white label course and the bulk enrolment option?

  • Enrolments in the white label course have access to everything in the online course offered on this site, but does not include free writing assessment or the eBook.
  • Enrolments are considerably cheaper
  • The course has none of our branding and can be embedded into your website with a flexible iframe


What’s the minimum period I need to sign up for?

There is no minimum period (you can cancel at any time).

How much does it cost to set up my white label course

There is no additional cost – all you need to do is purchase your first 10 codes.

Do I have to buy codes every month?

No – you simply buy new codes when you need them.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us and we can provide more information and get you started!


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