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Regional affiliates

A Regional Affiliate is different to a standard affiliate in that once the Regional Affiliate has been established, they are the only person in that region who has the ability to distribute access codes.

Regional affiliates…

  • can on-sell access zones in their affiliate zone (but are not required to do so)
  • are the only affiliate in their zone to qualify for the reduced pricing show below
  • must purchase a minimum of 50 codes per month to maintain their status
  • For pricing information, email

We are looking for global representatives around the world, but we also understand that in order for you to benefit from this, we need to make sure there is a limit to the affiliates around you. That’s why we are limiting affiliates to certain geographical areas. Take a look at the list below to see which areas are available and which are already filled.

Current Regional Affiliates

NOTE: Countries where we have had more enrolments (or are simply larger countries) are subdivided into multiple zones. Click the country name to see the zones. If you would like to claim Regional Affiliate for an entire country with multiple zones, the minimum number of codes will need to be purchased for each zone.

COUNTRY / REGION Number of zones Remaining zones CONTACTS
Argentina 1 1
4 4
Austria 1 1
Bahrain 1 1
Bangladesh 1 1
Bolivia 1 1
4 4
Cambodia 1 1
Cameroon 1 1
4 4
Chile 1 1
Colombia 1 1
Costa Rica 1 1
Croatia 1 1
Cuba 1 1
Cyprus 1 1
Czech Republic 1 1
Denmark 1 1
Djibouti 1 1
Dominica 1 1
Dominican Republic 1 1
Ecuador 1 1
Egypt 1 1
El Salvador 1 1
Equatorial Guinea 1 1
Estonia 1 1
Ethiopia 1 1
France 1 1
Gabon 1 1
Gambia 1 1
Georgia 1 1
Germany 1 1
Ghana 1 1
Greece 1 1
Honduras 1 1
Hungary 1 1
Iceland 1 1
5 4 Region 1 (Southern India):

Xiphias Immigration

Indonesia 1 1
Iran 1 1
Ireland {Republic} 1 1
Israel 1 1
Italy 1 1
Japan 1 1
Jordan 1 1
Kazakhstan 1 1
Kenya 1 1
South Korea 1 1
Kuwait 1 1
Kyrgyzstan 1 1
Laos 1 1
Latvia 1 1
Malaysia 1 1
Mexico 1 1
Morocco 1 1
Namibia 1 1
Nauru 1 1
Nepal 1 1
Netherlands 1 1
New Zealand 1 0 Patrick Bourne
Nicaragua 1 1
Nigeria 1 0 Maple Education
Norway 1 1
Oman 1 1
Pakistan 1 0 Kashif Mustafa Khan
Paraguay 1 1
Peru 1 1
Philippines 1 1 Health Carousel
Poland 1 1
Portugal 1 1
Qatar 1 1
Romania 1 1
Russian Federation 1 1
Saudi Arabia 1 0
AmericEdTech Academy (AET Academy)
Senegal 1 1
Serbia 1 1
Seychelles 1 1
Sierra Leone 1 1
Singapore 1 1
Slovakia 1 1
Slovenia 1 1
Somalia 1 1
South Africa 1 1
Sri Lanka 1 1
Sudan 1 1
Taiwan 1 1
Tajikistan 1 1
Thailand 1 1
Turkey 1 1
Uganda 1 1
Ukraine 1 1
United Arab Emirates 3 3
United Kingdom 3 3
4 4
Uruguay 1 1
Venezuela 1 1
Vietnam 1 1
Yemen 1 1
Zimbabwe 1 1

How can I claim a region?

The first step is to apply for Regional Affiliation by contacting us us at If the region required is still available, we will then send you a Regional Affiliate agreement. Once signed and returned, you will then be able to purchase your first batch of access codes. Every 30 days, minimum of 50 codes need to be purchased per month to retain regional affiliate status.

Is there a white-label option?

Absolutely – we have a white label version of this site on another domain. The white label version makes no reference to IELTStestONLINE and can be themed to match your company colours and logo. The cost for access codes is the same whether you use this site or the white label site – you simply need to select which option you would like the codes to be valid for when you make your first purchase.

How much can I charge for the access codes?

That’s your decision, but no more than the $49.95 we charge for Standard Plan codes.

So how do I sell the access codes? 

Areas which we have found work very well for economically priced access code are language schools and other educational institutions, as well as immigration consultants and medical training places (for doctors, nurses etc who are looking to work overseas, the IELTS test is a requirement).

Do I have to sell the codes?

No – if you would like to operate as the Regional Affiliate in order to ensure that no other regional Affiliates can operate in your area, that’s no problem. All you need to do is purchase the minimum monthly number of codes.

If it’s so easy, why don’t you sell them yourself?

There are lots of reasons why a local representative is better than us just sending emails. You know your local area better than we do, you have the benefit of knowing more about how local business is run and can speak the local language. The personal touch is important, and we simply do not have the staff or the time to represent ourselves in every corner of the world!

I have a website (or am thinking of building one). Can I sell the codes online too?

Yes – you can use a system such as SoftSeller ( to automate this, but keep in mind you are a regional reseller. If you decide to advertise, then you must do so only within your region. You cannot use Adwords or any other advertising campaign that stretches beyond your regional area.

I don’t want to sell the codes to anyone else – I just wanted to use them for my own clients. Can I still be a Regional Representative?

So long as you meet the minimum monthly criteria for codes (50 codes per month), the decision is yours as to whether to keep the codes for internal use only or to sell them in your regional zone.

Do you have any promotional material I can take with me to schools, immigration agents etc?

We are working on it and will have pdf pamphlets and PowerPoint presentations that you can use, but this maybe a few weeks away from completion at this point.

Am I responsible for answering questions or replying to students once they have enrolled?

No – once the code has been sold and the student has started their online course, we’ll take care of everything.

How do I know you won’t cut me out and go directly to the person or company I found?

Quite simply, it’s not worth our time. Creating a bad relationship with our regional affiliates is just a bad move and not something we will be doing. We have been working with some of our our affiliates for over 10 years and are looking to develop relationships with new agents that will last just as long.

Are the codes only for the Standard Plan?

At this point, yes. We need to make sure we have enough staff to respond to student enquiries and run the educational side, so we are not looking at offering any of our other plans at this time.

How long are the codes valid for until they expire?

Codes are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. Once activated, the codes allow the user to access the course for 30 days.

What happens when you are approached by a school or immigration agency directly, but they are in my regional area?

Easy – we refer them to you. However, this does not apply to individual students.

What happens if I am approached by a by a school or immigration agency directly, but they are NOT in my regional area?

Unfortunately you will not be able to sell codes to any institution or company which does not have a main office in your Regional Zone. Ideally, we’d like you to contact the Regional Affiliate for that zone – and one day maybe they’ll have the opportunity to refer business back to you.

Another Regional Affiliate is selling codes to clients I think should be mine. What should I do?

The first step is to contact us so we can get further details from the Regional Affiliate in question. If we find that your area has been encroached on, we will contact the institution and instruct them to run future negotiations with you. A Regional Affiliate who is found to be in breach of their regional zone 3 times will have their Regional Affiliate status withdrawn, so if you are in doubt, contact us first.

How will I explain to other institutions, immigration agents etc that I am a legitimate Regional Affiliate?

We will be adding a page to our site in the new year with the name and contact details of our regional affiliates (this is optional – you may choose to remain anonymous but that’s your decision). In addition, after the first order of 50 codes, we can also issue you with an email address (

Are there any rules I need to follow?

Yes – you cannot charge more than $49.95 for one code and you need present a true representation of our course and the facilities available to students. For example, claiming that the access code will allow for 60 days access to the course (when in fact it allows for 30 days access) will mean the immediate termination of your Regional Affiliates status.

Interested in becoming a Regional Affiliate? Contact us now on