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Become an affiliate

Interested in representing us as an affiliate? We offer excellent commission rates and have two affiliate partnership options:


  1. A link on your site that sends potential students to us. The link contains embedded tracking code which identifies the source of the students, so once they enrol, commission is automatically added to your affiliate account. We offer 50% commission on the QuickFIx, Standard and Gold Plans and 35% on the Diamond Plan. Commissions are paid in the first week of the following month, and are transferred by PayPal.
  2. Access codes can be pre-purchased then sold / distributed to clients at a cost determined by yourselves. Sales of digital codes can be handled by a range of online services such as eJunkie and Softseller.  Prepaid access codes qualify for even better rates of commission. The client then inputs the code in the sign up form and bypasses the payment page. Prepaid access codes can be bought at a further discount than the basic commission price.


To get started, simply click here to register as an affiliate, and we’ll be in touch!